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Give gifts with love on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day means looking back at wonderful moments spent with mum. It is the perfect day to celebrate the joys of having a mother. This day is also a way to cherish this special bond we share and thank them for everything they do for us.

Express your love and tell them what makes them special by entering our competition to win a jewellery set worth 300 EUR (440 AUD). Use our heart template to list all of your mother’s best qualities. This heart can then also be shared or printed as a cute greeting card.
Once completed, submit your personal Mother’s Day heart for a chance to win!
Good Luck!

Here we go
Dear Mum,
To me you're the best in the whole world. Of all your wonderful qualities, these make you unique to me. Thank you very much for your ...
Knowledge Comfort Patience Strength of will Warmth Humour Courage Empathy Friendship Wisdom Protection Geniality Safety Infinite love Strength Endurance Laughter Trust Help

Highlight the characteristics that best suit your mum by clicking on the respective term.

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